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Preparation For Exhibition

24 March 2018

Mar 2017

Tree Discussion - Mar 2017 I bought this Bougainvillea peruviana at New Plant nursery in 2005. Six or seven very neglected trees were piled in a corner right at the back of the nursery. After some serious negotiations, we clinched a deal. Closer examination of this particular tree revealed a particularly bad reverse taper at

Feb 2017

Tree Discussion - Feb 2017 This Ficus microcarpa was given to me in 2000. The original tree was dead except for bottom 2 to 3 cm of the trunk. After some serious TLC the tree started to sprout just above the original nebari. The tree was then left to grow undisturbed for a  number of

Jan 2017

Tree Discussion - Jan 2017 We were keen to get an established Wisteria, and wanted one which we knew would bloom. I knew a nursey-man (Jim Holmes) in Stellen- bosch who had some and we could see the dead blooms on them, so we chose the one which we thought was the most suitable.

Deadwood Workshop

14 April 2018

Cultivating Moss Workshop

19 May 2018

Oct 2016

Tree Discussion - Oct 2016 The tree for discussion is a Spekboom. It was a cutting which was taken from a branch while pruning a Spekboom in the garden 3 years ago. The cutting was put in the bonsai pot and was wired for the first time 2 years ago. No repotting was done.   The

Sept 2016

Tree Discussion - Sept 2016 I bought the tree about 7 years ago at a nursery as a bonsai. It was styled at a workshop where the taller trunk was trained to follow the lower bottom branch to create harmony and avoid the eye being drawn into two opposite directions. For two years we cut it

Aug 2016

Tree Discussion - Aug 2016 Taxodium distichum Common name: Swamp cypress I bought the tree at a nursery five years ago and planted it in a bigger container to thicken up. The tree was cut back three years ago. At the meeting I have worked on the tree for the first time. All the new shoots

June 2016

Tree Discussion - June 2016 Ficus burtt davyi Common name: Veld fig I got these cuttings in 2010 from Peter Hatting, who stays in the Baviaans Kloof. I kept them in a training pot for about 2 years, not really knowing what to do with them. The “rock” is actually an old piece of